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WW1 wine to be salvaged from UK shipwreck

War time wine is also the subject of a recent rescue mission. This week, we reported that an expedition is underway to salvage 50 bottles of wine and/or spirits from a British ship torpedoed off the coast of Cornwall in 1918.

Organised by Cookson Adventures with the aid of various maritime and archaeological entities, the expedition will survey the wreck further and then attempt to salvage around 50 bottles potentially worth several million pounds.

The ship in question was a British cargo ship sailing from Bordeaux to the UK with a cargo of wine when it was torpedoed by a German U-boat in 1918.

Several of the bottles will be ‘accessed’ with Coravin upon recovery to determine their potability and then it seems likely several will be sent to the University of Dijon for further testing and the National Maritime Museum of Cornwall in Falmouth has apparently expressed an interest in housing some in its collection.

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