The week in pictures

There are lots of ways you can deal with a cold snap, and more than one London bar has chosen flat-out denial. Leading the charge this week was Madison in St Paul’s, which debuted its tropical, rum-based tikki cocktail menu on Wednesday 30 January.

Our favourite was the Walking Dead (pictured). Presumably named in honour of how we’re all feeling this month, this serve brought together¬†Zacapa, Amaro Di Angostura, lime juice, orange and grapefruit bitters, spiced syrup, fresh passion fruit and a garnish that sits somewhere between a cigar and a rollie.

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  1. PETER says:

    “All round Babe”?? Is that all you could come up with to describe Tamsin Greig a fine comedy and also cerebral actress? A bit “News of the World” journalese don’t you think?

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