8 of the best wine subscription services in the UK

Naked Wines

Founded in 2008, Naked Wine’s “angels” put in £20 each month which is then invested in a wine producer in return for exclusive deals on their wines and wholesale prices. The company’s “angels” collectively support hundreds of independent winemakers across the world. The company was bought by Majestic  in 2015.

In a nutshell: Naked Wine is a crowdfunding retailer funded by the investments of its Angels. To become a member all you have to do is invest a minimum of £20 a month to its cause, giving you access to its wines at discounted rates, and exclusive limited editions bottles from small producers the world over. At time of writing, membership was closed, with prospective members asked to sign up to a waiting list.

Financial commitment: Minimum £20 investment each month, plus cost of wines ordered.

Delivery charge: Free for orders over £100, otherwise £4.99.

Starting price for a mixed case of 12: £102 for an ‘Angel price’ mixed.

Overall yearly cost: £240 minimum investment through subscription added to an extra cost of four cases of wine over the course of a year (£168) = £408 total = £8.50 per average bottle.

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