The 6 fastest-growing alcohol businesses in the UK

5. Beavertown (real position = 35th)

Beavertown gained a high profile listing at Tottenham Hotspurs’ stadium thanks to its Heineken backing earlier this year. (Photo: Beavertown)

Beavertown founder Logan Plant has had a very busy year. Beer giant Heineken bought a 49% stake in the business for £40 million in June this year, after months of speculation in the beer world.

The deal caused uproar within the vocal craft beer industry just months before Beavertown was due to host its annual festival BeaverX, and a number of independent breweries ultimately chose to withdraw from the event. Some also pledged to stop selling Beavertwon products at their own venues, saying that intervention by a large global beer manufacturer such as Heineken would pose a threat to independent businesses in the sector.

Nevertheless, the sale meant that Beavertown was able to secure lucrative projects, including a new state-of-the-art brewery in North London and a brewpub at Tottenham Hotspurs’ new football stadium.

While the Heineken investment is impressive, the judges were impressed that the brewer has become the “official craft beer supplier for Tottenham Hotspurs”, which signals a landmark change in the type of beer consumers opt for at sports events.

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