Six unusual Christmas gifts for the wine lover in your life

The one for self-made sommeliers 

Does your friend want to share their love of a glass of vino with others, but they don’t know where to begin? This wine-tasting gift set, which includes an aerator, two pourers, a thermometer and eight glasses with their own distinct seals, will help them focus their ideas and get started. Who knows, next year they might be giving you a voucher for their masterclass!

Price: £21.79

Where to find it: Amazon.

2 Responses to “Six unusual Christmas gifts for the wine lover in your life”

  1. Maddie says:

    If you want one before Christmas you can buy them cheaper from Wine Gift Centre online. They’re only £4.00 each and there’s Black, Pink or Burgundy available.

  2. And last but not least don’t overlook the unique learn e-book “THE QUICK VISUAL WINE GUIDE … or how to learn the essentials about the contents of a bottle of wine”
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    Merry Christmas

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