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The UK’s fizz industry is starting to bubble, but things are getting contentious between the Old and New World again.

Remember the story about Italian ministers spending the past year trying to stop Australia’s winemakers from producing fizz under the name “Prosecco”? Well, apparently the Sicilian grape variety Nero d’Avola is the country’s new sore spot.

The government body, Ispettorato Centrale Qualità e Repressione Frodi dei Prodotti Agroalimentari (ICQRF), claims that based several UK merchants have promoted Australian Nero d’Avola on their sites in a way that could be misleading.

It alleges that by using words such as ‘Sicily’ and ‘Sicilian’ in the wines’ marketing, the Australian wineries and UK merchants are deliberately misleading consumers and the UK, as a member of the EU, should protect the PDO, especially when Sicilian wines are becoming increasingly popular.

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