Camden Town reinvent the pint glass with squat ‘Jack’

London’s Camden Town Brewery has reinvented the classic pint glass with the help of two British designers, unveiling a squat-shaped, tumbler-like glass called the ‘Jack’, and a slimline Pilsner-style glass called ‘Kenneth’.

L-R The ‘Kenneth’ and the ‘Jack’

The ‘Kenneth’ and the ‘Jack’ mark the brewery’s first glass re-design since 2016, and are the result of a partnership with British designer Sir Kenneth Grange, who was responsible for the iconic London Black Taxi, and Jack Smith, one half of London design duo SmithMatthias Ltd.

The ‘Kenneth’ was created with Camden’s Hells lager, described as “the lovechild of Helles and Pilsner”, in mind, and references the traditional glasses of both beer styles: the facets of a Helles Stein, and the tall and slender shape of a classic Pilsner glass.

The ‘Jack’ meanwhile takes inspiration from the “straight-sided, minimalist styles” seen in contemporary glass design, and is more similar to a tumbler in shape, and half the height of a traditional pint glass.

“When you’ve been looking at pint glasses for more than 20 years, you start to have ideas on how you can change them,” said Jasper Cuppaidge, founder of Camden Town Brewery. “Kenneth and I talked about him designing a glass but I never dreamed it would actually happen. He then introduced us to Smith Matthias, who designed the Jack and it’s been amazing to collaborate with London’s best designers, both established and new, to create two fresh and fantastic pint glasses.”

The ‘Kenneth’ and ‘Jack’ have been designed for the on-trade, with all glasses toughened, nucleated, stackable and are CE marked pint to rim.

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