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More big news this week came from the craft beer world, specifically Beavertown in north London.

Beavertown has sold a minority stake in its business to Heineken for £40 million, with plans to build a brand new brewing facility in Tottenham. Heineken has been busy following a pattern of buying 49% stakes in breweries like Lagunitas (in California) and Brixton (in, er, Brixton), and in 2017 the drinks giant bought the remaining shares of Lagunitas, completing its buyout.

Beavertown declined to tell us how large Heineken’s stake in their company is, but did say: “whether its 1% or 49% the impact remains the same.”

Beer Twitter, of course, is raging. Several brewers have taken to the website to vent about the deal, while some retailers have even decided to boycott Beavertown’s products all together in protest.

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