New universal brewing machine reaches crowdfunding target in under 90 minutes

The Pico U, launched by homebrewing company PicoBrew, which is capable of brewing beer, kombucha, coffee and tea as well as carbonated and fusion drinks, has reached its crowdfunding target of US$50,000 in under 90 minutes.

Billing itself as “the world’s first universal brewing machine” the Pico U is a counter-top device capable of brewing a range of different beverages using the company’s PicoPaks, which contain all the ingredients for the desired drink. PicoPaks are not required when making coffee, leaving users free to choose and grind their own coffee beans.

Pico U is available in two versions, the basic and deluxe, with the latter capable of brewing beer in larger, five-litre batches. The basic comes with a mini step filter, glass bruet and coffee filter basket while the deluxe also contains a brew keg and full size step filter.

Expected to be available from the beginning of 2019, Pico U is the company’s fifth product to be successfully launched through crowdfunding. The campaign remains live on Kickstarter with investors able to claim a series of rewards, from a Pico U fusion mug for $15, to early bird prices for the Pico U Basic ($169) and Pico U Delux ($189) for US and Canada residents.

For those living elsewhere, the Pico U Basic and Deluxe are on offer for $179 and $199 respectively, with an expected delivery date of February 2019. Once in store, the price will be bumped up to $249 and $299.

Both versions are also capable of distilling spirits using a separate PicoStill accessory. The product connects to the internet and also has its own app, with PicoBrew in discussions with Amazon and Google about adding a voice command to virtual assistant Alexa.

Thanking investors for their support, the company said: “Our campaign was fully funded in under 90 minutes. As Kickstarter veterans, this is a pretty amazing feeling for us. We love being able to fund our projects with overwhelming support from enthusiastic brewers who believe in our brewing mission”.

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