Emirates spends $56m on fine wine in 2017

4th May, 2018 by Rupert Millar

Gulf airline Emirates has announced the latest fine wines that will be served to its first class passengers on select routes this year, including 2004 Cheval Blanc and 1998 Margaux, as well as revealing it invested US$56 million on fine wine last year.

The carrier has said four blue chip clarets will be poured on various international routes this year (for limited periods): 2004 Cheval Blanc and Haut-Brion; 2001 Mouton Rothschild and 1998 Margaux, in addition to its portfolio of 80 wines and Champagnes that it has on rotation for all of its passengers.

Alongside the wines, Emirates said it has created dishes to pair with each wine, trained its staff and revamped its glassware too.

This year’s vintage collection was launched last week when Cheval Blanc’s….

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2 Responses to “Emirates spends $56m on fine wine in 2017”

  1. Don Hewitson says:

    Unfortunately I can’t afford to fly Emirates First Class….But am more than happy with my regular Business class experiences dating back to 2001.

    Except for a recent sector Bangkok – Dubai. After the pre-take off glass of Champagne the wine service went awol. No discussion about what wine after take-off. When I remonstrated with the person taking the food order I was told in no uncertain terms that he was there to take the food order and later a person would be around about the wine. This was 30 minutes’ later with a lady carrying a basket with one white and one red. I didn’t want either.

    Obtaining wine on the trip was like pulling teeth. Was it a one-off problem?….. Or was it the fact that my wife and I were the only alcohol drinkers in our section of the 380?

  2. Jasper says:

    Sounds odd, I fly BKK / DXB with Emirates 10 times a year, never had that – did you go the bar and have a look at what was out on the counters ?

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