The 20 most beautiful restaurants in London

Harry’s Dolce Vita

If you’re looking for a generous dollop of good old fashioned Italy then look no further than Harry’s Dolce Vita in Knightsbridge, where black-and-white stills from classic films like Roman Holiday and Sofia Loren slurping spaghetti abound.

The brainchild of restaurant guru Richard Caring, with its yellow and white frilly awning, tan leather bar stools and low-hanging lights, the convivial space, inspired by the famous Harry’s Bar in Venice, feels like it’s been there forever. You’ll even find Dean Martin crooning down the speakers.

4 Responses to “The 20 most beautiful restaurants in London”

  1. Stephen Browett says:

    Can’t believe that you left out Bibendum

  2. How wonderful to see such opulent places to dine – my visit to Zedel’s when I was in London three years ago was memorable for the food, service, and of course the wine, as well as the OTT decor. A memorable experience. Thanks for these photographs.

  3. Aga says:

    Hi, Dickie Fitz is closed! Check out No 11 in Pimlico instead.

  4. Thanks for sharing the information about most beautiful restaurants in london.

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