London’s ‘first’ pop-up German wine tasting is coming to Soho

Wines of Germany is bringing Riesling to Soho next month with G-Force, a trade show and consumer tasting dedicated to Germanic wines.

Von Schloss Johannisberg trat der Riesling seinen Siegeszug in die ganze Welt an.

Guests will get a chance to sample around 200 wines from across the country, celebrating Germany’s best-known grape Riesling, alongside a wide range of other varieties including Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, Scheurebe and Silvaner.

A tasting for members of the trade will run on Friday 1 May between 11am-5pm, with a consumer event to follow in the evening.

Tasting brochures will be available for consumers and trade workers to write their own notes, while anyone who wants to learn more about Germany’s local wines and how to spot a good bottle in the supermarket can take part in one of the complimentary guided walks taking place throughout the day.

A seminar will be run by German wine aficionado Jürgen Hammer between 3 and 4pm, which will take a deep dive into the current growth in consumer interest around Riesling and cooler climate wines.

Riesling accounts for at least one fifth of all plantings in Germany, and is the nations principal grape variety, according to WoG.

In a bid to demonstrate the versatility of the native German grape, WoG are putting on a spread of global street food for consumers and industry workers to enjoy, including Mexican dishes from Tacos del Ray, as well as more traditional fare provided by London sausage site Herman ze German.

Tickets to the german wine show £25 per person, and include all samples and food on offer.

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