Eight of the best drinks-related April Fools

Chilgrove Spirits – Juniper Fresh Gin & Tonic Toothpaste

Chilgrove Spirits launched the UK’s first G&T toothpaste this weekend, described as “a unique and gently abrasive compound made entirely from grapes”.

The distiller, known of its grape-based gin, said that the toothpaste comes in at 44% ABV and will be exclusively available from wine and spirits merchants in the UK.

Developed alongside Dr Fay Loposali from Axho Laboratories (rearrange the letters for another topical pun) the toothpaste includes a juniper-led collection of botanicals and will leave your mouth feeling gin-fresh for up to 12 hours.

Co-founder of Chilgrove Spirits, Christopher Beaumont-Hutchings, added: “Whilst researching a new series of breakfast cocktails we sampled a very broad range of our customers and discovered that whilst mint is a flavour that appealed to some in the morning, the vast majority would far rather start their day with the refreshing taste of a Gin & Tonic. Further research suggested to us that many workplaces in the UK have traditionally taken a negative view of their employees coming to work emanating an aroma of gin. From there, the solution of a Gin & Tonic toothpaste just seemed obvious to us, we’re genuinely staggered that there aren’t similar products already on the market”.

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