‘Encounter Oregon & Washington’ to shake up UK trade tasting

The Oregon Wine Board and Washington State Wine are returning to the UK this year with a series of events designed to shake up the more formulaic trade tasting format.

An active and increasing presence in the UK since their first joint tasting in 2006, the two Pacific Western states have decided to change the format of their annual tasting – moving it to March for a start – and take their cues from events back in the US such as Oregon Pinot Camp and Riesling Rendez-Vous.

The end result will be a two-day long ‘Encounter’ featuring a series of tastings, masterclasses and “celebrations” to feature not only the wines of both states but also the regions at large; including their gastronomy and tourism.

Events scheduled for this year’s Encounter include masterclasses aimed at the on- and off-trades, media and Masters of Wine, a ‘secret’ tasting for the sommelier community and invite-only magnum party and a more straightforward (but shorter) general tasting.

Kate Sweet, events manager for Hilltop Wines which represents the Oregon Wine Board and Washington State Wine, said: “We sense there is some fatigue with the ‘Annual Trade Tasting’ format around the trade, and we are trying to think creatively about what each section of our industry needs. We wanted to generate the kind of buzz that events like the Oregon Pinot Camp and Riesling-Rendez Vous, do in the US.

“This March is just the start, as we already have ideas on how to expand and grow the ‘Encounter’ events over the following years, to take in the vibrant artisanal brewing, distilling and food scenes. We really hope the trade will support us in our efforts to bring a bit of Oregon and Washington State to these shores.”

‘Encounter Oregon & Washington State Wines’ will take place in London from 12-13 March.

To register for the event click here and for more information contact kate@hilltopwines.co.uk.

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