Bud Light to make good on Super Bowl beer promise

Bud Light has apparently confirmed that it will be handing out – potentially free – beer to “everyone” in Philadelphia following the Eagles’ winning the Super Bowl on Sunday.

‘Dilly, Dilly!’ or should that be ‘Philly, Philly!’?

Readers may remember last August, before the 2017 season began, Eagles player Lane Johnson said he’d buy “beer for everyone” should his team win the Super Bowl (although he didn’t specify any in particular).

At the time the Eagles were 50-1 outsiders to do so and Bud Light – the beer sponsor of the NFL – quickly took Johnson up on his “bet” tweeting to him: “Win it all and the party is on us. Deal?”

After a storming season and the Eagles atop the NFC (and with their Super Bowl odds cut to 4-1), Johnson and Eagles fans were quick to remind Bud Light of its promise to which the brand replied it “hadn’t forgotten”.

Going into the game as underdogs against a New England Patriots dynasty led by Tom Brady, the Eagles emerged victorious at the Super Bowl on Sunday (4 February), winning 41-33 in a thrilling shootout to clinch the team’s first Lombardi Trophy.

True to its word, yesterday the Bud Light twitter account posted the below, suggesting beers would be distributed during the Eagles’ victory parade in Philadelphia which is due to take place this Thursday (8 February).

Whether they will be free and how much will be distributed is yet to be confirmed – the drinks business has approached AB InBev for comment.

One thing is for sure, however, the victory party in Philadelphia is sure to be raucous. The city’s police are reportedly greasing all the lamp posts and other climbable street furniture along the parade route with hydraulic fluid in order to deter fans from climbing them. After their win against the Minnesota Vikings that sent them to the Super Bowl, police resorted to smearing the posts with Crisco to stop excitable fans but, seeing it as a challenge rather than a deterrent, many fans succeeded in shimming up regardless.

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