ProWein lays on boats to address hotel price hikes

The organisers of ProWein have chartered four cruise ships to provide accommodation for visitors to the fair amid escalating hotel prices in Düsseldorf.

The Swiss Pearl has 62 cabins over two floors, along with a lower area for breakfast and a restaurant and small bar on the upper deck for use in the evening

Following the successful use of the MS Swiss Pearl ‘hotel ship’ during last year’s show (pictured above), which was moored on the River Rhine just five minutes walk from the exhibition space, Marius Berlemann told db that this year there would be four ships, and in 2019, as many at 10.

According to Berlemann, who is global head of wine and spirits at ProWein, the four chartered river-cruise ships will together provide 250 rooms, all within walking distance of the fair, which takes place in Düsseldorf from 18 to 20 March.

With a single cabin costing around €270 per night – and an obligatory three-night stay – the accommodation isn’t cheap, but offers relative value to the hotels in central Düsseldorf, while providing a location unmatched in the city for its proximity to the fair.

Berlemann also told db that he was increasing the number of hotel ships to augment the supply of accommodation during the fair in the hope that this might encourage hotels in the city to stop raising room rates due to a spike in demand caused by the success of ProWein.

“We will have four hotel ships for ProWein this year, and for 2019, which will be the show’s 25th anniversary, we hope to have 10, because we want to say to the hotels, ‘be careful with your prices’ – it is an action from our side to send a sign to the hotels,” he said.

He also said that due to rising room rates in Düsseldorf during the fair, he was witnessed a strong demand for accommodation outside the city.

Consequently, the show organiser is working with the Düsseldorf tourism board to offer accommodation at nearby cities Duisburg and Essen, where room rates are cheaper.

As previously reported by db, he said that packages are currently on offer through ProWein that include free transport to and from these places, adding that if there is further demand for hotels outside Düsseldorf, such offers can be extended to other areas within easy commuting distance.

He also said that this year’s ProWein will be the biggest in the fair’s 24-year history, attracting as many as 7,000 exhibitors – a higher number than for any other show held at the Messe Düsseldorf show space.

Last year, db broke news of the decision by ProWein to charter a river cruise ship to provide accommodation during the fair, and were also the first members of the press to stay on the inaugural ProWein ‘hotel ship’, called the MS Swiss Pearl.

Although the cabins are small, the convenience and quiet of the location can’t be bettered in Düsseldorf, while the mooring station is just a few metres from the Schnellenburg restaurant, an ideal place for generous portions of good food, from soup to salads or steak (pictured below).

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For more information on the ProWein hotel ships click here, while over the following pages you can see what its like on board the MS Swiss Pearl.

One Response to “ProWein lays on boats to address hotel price hikes”

  1. Nick Oakley says:

    One imagines that an entrepreneurial type could lay on riverboat accommodation much more cheaply than this. Are Prowein simply getting on the accommodation bandwagon that they claim to be challenging? Forgive me for being cynical. I can go on a 7 day sea cruise in luxury, all meals included for the price of three nights in the single cabin mentioned here.. They’re both boats….and this one stays parked.

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