This UK brewery is offering customers a ‘lifetime discount’ to help launch crowdfunded pub

A Welsh brewery has launched a crowdfunding campaign to open its very first pub in Cardiff, and it’s offering donors a “lifetime discount” on their bar tab.

Crafty Devil Brewery’s founders Rhys Watkins & Adam Edinburgh are offering punters a lifetime discount at their new Cardiff pub.

The Crafty Devil Brewery launched its fundraising campaign on Indiegogo this week, and plans to open its first pub, Beelzebub’s, in the city centre next year.

Having secured a license and a venue, they now need to raise a further £15,00 by February 2018 from beer fans to turn their dream into a reality.

Beer fans can donate anywhere between £50 and £500, receiving a number of beer-based perks in return.

Crafty Devil are handing out 10% discount cards to all fans who pay the minimum £50 donation, alongside a £50 bar tab which can be used as soon at Beebzebub’s Bar opens its doors.

Founders Rhys Watkins & Adam Edinburgh said that beelzebub’s will be “a beacon of great beer, cider, spirits and wine that we hope will become a haven for the people like us, folks who love pubs and socialising but have become disenfranchised with the depressing state of the modern pub.”

So far, the brewers have already raised more than £6,500 of their £15,00 target from a total of 67 backers. With more than three months to go, Crafty Beer could raise the money it needs by the end of 2017.

The money raised will go towards refurbishing the venue, as well as sourcing beers from local breweries and employing staff at the real living wage of £8.75 per hour, according to Crafty Devil’s crowdfunding page.

Crowdfunding has become a lucrative market in the craft beer industry, with producers large and small crowdsourcing the investment they need to expand business.

Back in October, craft beer giant BrewDog launched the fifth round of its Equity for Punks crowdfunding campaign, with plans to expand the irreverent brand’s interests in Asia and Australia.

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