Everything you need to know about Prosecco

4. Finding quality

The Prosecco Masters seeks to identify the best examples of this Italian fizz without prejudice as to source producer or sub-region

Although Prosecco tends to exhibit similar characters – aromas of apples and pears, a slight sweetness, and a refreshing sparkle – there are different levels of quality.

Over the years, the drinks business has sought to identify the best examples relative to their prices through our Prosecco Masters competition.

Using sparkling wine experts, samples are tasted ‘blind’ to ensure there is no prejudice as to winemaker or sub-regional source. The entries are then awarded medals from Bronze to Gold, or the ultimate accolade for exceptional wines only – the title of Master.

There are names that are rightly famous for high quality examples, such as Bisol or Nino Franco, but bigger brands and large-scale producers are also, due to state-of-the-art winemaking technology, able to craft clean and characterful Proseccos, as we’ve discovered from our extensive tastings over the past few years.

So, for the results in full from this year’s competition please click here.

Or click here for a list of 10 of the best Prosecco for under £15 from this year’s competition.

And finally, for something a bit different, but also further proof of Prosecco’s huge appeal, click here to see a round-up of the most peculiar Prosecco-related products, from flavoured nail varnish and fizzy sweets to crisps and sausages

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  1. margaret watkins says:

    which prosecco should i buy if i don’t want the grape that makes pinot grigio in the prosecco as the wine makes me ill.and i like prosecco but have been ill over the last few bottles i have tried, and then found it had that grpe in the wine

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