Top 10 peculiar Prosecco products

27th June, 2017 by Phoebe French

the drinks business rounds up 10 of the most peculiar Prosecco-related products that have made the headlines.

From flavoured nail varnish and fizzy sweets to crisps and sausages, the Prosecco-inspired possibilities appear to be limitless. From the pleasant, the plausible to the downright bizarre, db has brought together a collection of the most unusual products on the market.

With the recent announcement that Brits knock back over a third of the entire annual production of the Italian sparkler, the profusion of themed goods on offer perhaps should not come as a surprise.

Prosecco sales are expected to increase by 36% over the next five years, from the current 25.2m cases to 34.4m cases. 

Click through to view some of the most outlandish offerings to hit the shelves….

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