Ten of the world’s best Proseccos for under £15

We bring you ten of the best-performing Proseccos under £15 from The Drinks Business Prosecco Masters 2017 – and one affordable example from the region’s prized Cartizze hill. By Lauren Eads and Patrick Schmitt MW.

Over the following pages we have selected the cream of the crop among the sub-£15 samples from our Prosecco Masters 2017 – highlighting the quality available at lower price points.

Each of these sparkling wines has achieved a Gold medal in the competition, which is a highly impressive accolade due to the rigorous nature of our judging process and the exacting palates of our judges – who are listed below.

The ten Proseccos that feature come from a range of areas within the extensive zone that produces this distinctive Italian style of fizz.

We have also included one rare, affordable example from the ‘Superiore di Cartizze’, which is a hill within the Conegliano Valdobbiadene DOCG that is famous for producing the most concentrated expression of Prosecco – and often too, the sweetest, as well as the priciest.

Notably, nearly all the Proseccos that feature in this list are classified as Extra Dry, meaning that they all contain between 12 and 17 grams per litre of sugar. (Somewhat confusingly, Extra Dry is used to indicate a sweeter style of fizz than Brut, which is used for Proseccos that have 12g/l of sugar or lower).

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In essence, the results of extensive Prosecco tastings by db show that the ‘sweet spot’ for this Italian fizz appears to be the Extra Dry category, particularly those examples with around 15g/l of residual sugar. Drier styles of Prosecco can also be delicious, but they must contain enough of the ripe peachy fruit that makes this type of fizz so popular.

As previously reported by the drinks business, this year’s Prosecco Masters results that showed that despite the rapid expansion in the sector, quality across the board has risen, with the wines having improved since 2016’s competition.

Each of these wines were been judged blind, allowing our experts to asses them purely for quality without prejudice about their brand.

The Proseccos were tasted over the course of one day at Café Murano in London’s Covent Garden on 15 March 2017.

While this is just a selection of the top-performers for under £15, you can see all the medal-winners in The Drinks Business Prosecco Masters by clicking here.

The judges in 2017’s Prosecco Masters (left to right): Anthony Foster MW, Jonathan Pedley MW; Nick Tatham MW; Roberto della Pietra; Patricia Stefanowicz MW; Patrick Schmitt MW; Alex Canetti

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  1. John Lnag says:

    Hahahahahaha! Priceless! You talk about the best Proseccos and the first one I see is Botter!!! It is probably the worst Prosecco ever!

  2. Perpetuity says:

    A Style != DOC or DOCG.

  3. Philip Bramley says:

    @john l nag

    If you look Botter is number 10

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