Everything you need to know about Prosecco

2. Production type

Source: Prosecco.wine

The vast majority of Prosecco is made into ‘Spumante’ sparkling wine with 4.5-5 bars of pressure, which is slightly lower than Champagne, which commonly contains 5.5 to 6 bars.

To achieve this style of wine, Prosecco producers gently press the Glera grapes to extract a juice, which is then converted to an light aromatic wine, which is then transferred into special pressurised stainless steel tanks, where the addition of yeast and sugar promotes another fermentation.

Because the tanks are sealed, the carbon dioxide released during this second fermentation is trapped in the wine.

Once the wine has reached the desired alcohol level – usually around 11-11.5% – it is cooled and then filtered to remove all the yeast and by-products of the fermentation process, creating a clear and stable product.

Importantly, some of the residual sugar is kept in the sparkling wine to give it a bit of sweetness, and the levels differ according to the desired style – which are outlined on the next page.

Finally the Prosecco is bottled under pressure, to ensure that it retains its fizz.

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  1. margaret watkins says:

    which prosecco should i buy if i don’t want the grape that makes pinot grigio in the prosecco as the wine makes me ill.and i like prosecco but have been ill over the last few bottles i have tried, and then found it had that grpe in the wine

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