Aqua Shard launches ‘wind up wind down’ cocktails

Kick Start (wind up)


Finally, Kick Start, blends Don Julio Anejo tequila with chipotle syrup and chilli chutney. The spicy serve is then finished with a dusting of chipotle chilli powder.

Missaglia added: “The drink started with the smoked chipotle chilli. I discovered these on a trip to Mexico and bought them back with me. I wanted to use them in a drink and again, the wind up drinks needed to have energy and the chilli gives a fiery kick to it.”

“The team and I played around with flavour combinations and we decided on the pineapple and pink peppercorn ‘shrub’ or chutney, which we make in house as well. The chutney gives a sour element to the drink which works really well with the tequila. This one is my personal favourite”.

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