Boozy pops: here comes summer!

On the eve of the May bank holiday Aldi announced the launch of a new ‘premium, “adult-only” popsicle, Gianni’s Alcoholic Ice Popsicles, which it hopes will tap into the popularity of boozy pops in the event, festival and upmarket bar sector.

The retailer has launched two flavours, a Gin & Tonic “with a zing of lemon” and a Peach Bellini made from Prosecco (RRP: £2.99 per 4-pack), which both have an ABV of around 4.5%. Aldi was keen to flag up that, at under £3 per pack, its pops are around 85% cheaper than those available at Fortnums & Masons’ pops – although each pop is around 20% smaller.

Aldi’s joint managing director of corporate buying at Aldi UK, Tony Baines, said the discounter was “proud to bring popular products and trends to our customers whilst staying committed to our low price promise.”

According to James Rae, founder of pioneering popsicle brand Pops, which launched its own brand back in 2014 and also makes the Fortnum’s pops, Aldi’s adoption of the boozy popsicle is both “flattering” and evidence of the growing trend that is gaining traction across both the on-and off-trade.

“We are seeing constant growth and demand which is growing year-on-year,” Rae told db.

Originally, Pops was soft-launched into night-clubs but because the products are unique, fun, different and obviously alcoholic, Rae argues that their appeal is quite wide-spread.

“Initially we were unsure of the market’s potential as both the product concept and the category was completely new to retailers, distributors and manufacturers. But after two years of strong growth, increased demand and sales to back it up, we are seeing traction in the retail and grocery market,” Rae said.

“With Aldi launching their own take on our product – which we see as flattering – it will only further open the market and educate the consumer on such products. It proves that there is a wide audience and ever growing market for popsicles that contain alcohol,” he said.

Lydia Worsey, wine category manager from Mitchells & Butlers, which supplies Pops in around 126 of its pubs and bars, described boozy cocktails as fun, innovative and “something completely different” that engaged customers in a playful way and that could set its venues apart from our competitors.

“Pushing the boundaries and testing new products is a huge focus for us, especially in the wine category where we need to work harder than before to attract younger consumers who are looking for something quirky, instagrammable and for wine to be more accessible.”

Take a look at the some of the other contenders on the popsicle scene.

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