Top 10 most expensive cocktails

6. Gigi’s – Gigi’s in London

worlds most expensive cocktails

Price: $10,000

While it doesn’t quite live up to its original name of ‘The Most Expensive Cocktail in the World’, this take on a Champagne cocktail is definitely worth its salt. Served at Gigi’s in London’s lavish district of Mayfair, it uses a 1990 vintage Cristal and an 1888 Samalery Vieille Relique Vintage Bas Armagnac, and is finished off with a sprinkle of gold leaf flakes. Drink like King Midas, and like Grace Jones, who the drink was originally created for.

Perhaps rather sensibly, to order this liquid gold you have to pay in advance, to avoid the most unsightly of situations in which ones credit card is declined…

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  1. Malik says:

    You are missing a cocktail in Milan in Nottingham Forest bar. Starting from 3500 euros based in the gem you choose

    Standard is 1/2 carattere diamond

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