Top 10 Scotch whisky markets by value


Germany2015: £145m

2014: £141m

Change: 3%

The third biggest European market for Scotch, Germany is a well established hub, with much of its Scotch imports re-exported to other countries. It achieved a 3% increase in value exports in 2015, bucking a trend among the top 10 European Scotch markets, which all recorded a decline in value.

“Not only does it provide access to a large and knowledgeable population but it also represents a global hub for onward travel for a considerable proportion of Scotch. In 2015 the equivalent of 46m bottles of Scotch were exported to Germany.

“Over two thirds (69%) was bottled blended Scotch whisky, 17% was single malt and 14% was in bulk. However the German market is under half this size and considerably more premiumised. The remainder is re-exported. About a quarter foes beyond the EU to about a hundred further markets, thought the dominant ones are near neighbours such as Turkey and Belarus. The remaining three-quarters goest to the rest of the EU, though some of this is probably ultimately exported beyond the EU too.”

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