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Governor of Virginia Terry McAuliffe was in full wine-ambassadorial mode at a Wines of Virginia tasting and dinner at Dukes (of Ian Fleming ‘shaken, not stirred’ fame) in St James’s this week.

His Excellency explained how Virginia’s historic links with the UK – the Pilgrim Fathers founding the colony of Virginia in 1607; the beginnings of the British Empire and all that – extended to the wine trade – the UK being one of the biggest export markets for Virginia’s wine industry.

Though few Brits are aware, Virginia is the fifth-largest wine producing state in the US, and the Virginian wine industry contributes $750 million per year to the Virginia economy.


A large state with diverse soils, topography and microclimates, Virginia focuses predominantly on Bordeaux varieties, in particular Cabernet Franc and Petit Verdot, while Viognier is particularly favoured for whites.

Among the wines presented at the dinner were Barboursville Octagon 2012, Boxwood Estate Topiary 2010 and Veritas Monticello Petit Verdot.

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