Drink and drama: top 10 quotes

10. Compton MacKenzie, Whisky Galore

10. whiskygalore_prodFirst a novel, then part of the popular Ealing Comedies film series and now enjoying something of a revival both on stage and silver screen is this whisky-themed comedy originally conceived by writer Compton MacKenzie.

Whisky Galore is loosely based on a true story, telling of a whisky shortage during World War II which prevents the hero Sergeant Odd from marrying his sweetheart on the grounds that it would be impossible to celebrate the rèitach, or wedding party, without the traditional dram.

As luck would have it, a ship runs aground with 50,000 cases of whisky, provoking a race among the islanders to secure the booty before the authorities spoil their fun and ruin Odd’s marriage hopes.

This year saw Whisky Galore staged as a new Gaelic adaptation Uisge-Beatha Gu Leòr, while a film remake starring comedian Eddie Izzard is currently in production.

This clip from its recent Gaelic incarnation gives some sense of the merry mayhem that Scotch – or a shortage thereof – can inspire.


And finally…

2015UKIPTHE_ZLUKIP! The Musical, which took the Edinburgh Fringe Festival by storm this year may not have an obvious drinks connection – unless you count its beer swilling anti-hero Nigel Farage.

Look closely at the credits, however, and you’ll see that its catchy, irreverent songs were in fact recorded and arranged by the multi-talented MW Alex Hunt, who displayed his musical prowess earlier this year as a member of UK wine trade band Skin Côntact.

To read more about the project – including some intriguing parallels with the world of wine, click here.



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