Top six whisky movie moments

From Ron Burgundy’s love of “Scotchy Scotch Scotch” to Bond’s dalliance with The Macallan, behind many a leading man is a strong malt whisky, as this round up proves.

whisky1For whisky enthusiasts, there is a certain geeky thrill in spotting a tumbler or decanter of whisky in a film and being able to decipher its brand, age and malt. Sometimes it is obvious, other sightings require further investigation, but all are a welcome tip of the hat to the greatness of Scotch.

Whisky has played a supporting role to many legends of the silver screen over the years. While offering a lucrative shot at publicity for its makers, the prominence of whisky in big budget films is an endorsement of its popularity and, in many cases, its enduring cool – a ticket to sophistication if you will. We have racked our brains to come up with a handful of our favourite whisky-themed scenes in recent years.

Please let us know your most memorable whisky movie moments by leaving a comment below…

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3 Responses to “Top six whisky movie moments”

  1. Paul says:

    Bond doesn’t “skilfully” shot the glass off Severines head, he misses resulting in Silva shooting her and bond saying “a waste of good scotch”

  2. Richard says:

    @Paul, noticed that too but they’ve changed it since; so instead of “skilfully” shooting the glass off her head TDB now says “Bond deliberately misses a shot glass” – I wonder who wrote the copy in the first place because they obviously didn’t watch the clip!

  3. Rick says:

    What? No mention of the 1962 Dalmore in The Kingsman?

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