Drink and drama: top 10 quotes

3. Noel Coward, Private Lives

8. Private LivesA few centuries on and in a rather more convivial setting, Noel Coward was entertaining the crowds with plays packed full of pithy social observations.

His play Private Lives ruffled feathers when it debuted in 1930, telling the story of a divorced couple, Elyot and Amanda who marry new partners, only to find their ex-spouse honeymooning in the next-door hotel room.

Realising they still have feelings for each other, the two divorcees run off together, only to find themselves trapped in the same vicious bickering that originally drove them apart.

As their rekindled relationship collapses once again, Elyot sneers:

It’s a pity you didn’t have a little more brandy. It might have made you more agreeable!” Only for Amanda to snap back: “It doesn’t seem to have worked such wonders with you.

It seems unfair to blame alcohol for this destructive relationship, but its ability to exacerbate marital tensions would no doubt have struck a familiar chord with audiences both then and decades later.

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  1. What, nothing from Jeffery Bernard is Unwell?

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