Drink and drama: top 10 quotes

5. Shakespeare, Twelfth Night

6. michael_cronin_as_toby_belchShakespeare also gives the subject of alcohol more comic treatment through the character of Sir Toby Belch, the archetypal drunken buffoon and bully.

His first appearance on stage will strike a familiar chord with anyone who has been woken late at night by a friend or neighbour so wrapped up in their merriment that they fail to see why others might be less amused by their presence.

Here the servant Maria rebukes him, saying: “By my troth, Sir Toby, you must come earlier o’nights: your cousin, my lady, takes great exceptions to your ill hours.

Sir Toby, however, shows no remorse, but instead entertains himself with a witty retort: “I’ll confine myself no finer than I am: these clothes are good enough to drink in; and so be these boots too”.

All Maria can do is roll her eyes in despair and warn him that no-one is impressed by this behaviour, saying: “That quaffing and drinking will undo you: I heard my lady talk of it yesterday”.

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  1. What, nothing from Jeffery Bernard is Unwell?

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