Top 10 wines in the US press

2012 Chappellet Mountain Cuvée, California, US


“Not all American red blends are cheap, cleverly marketed mixes of grapes that couldn’t make it on their own”, writes Lettie Teague in the Wall Street Journal.This week she picked out a selection of the best midprice alternatives to the “head-swimming array of single varietals”, including this Napa Mountain Cuvée.

She said: “The Chappellet family has long been famous for its Pritchard Hill Cabernet. For a fraction of that Napa wine’s three-figure price, the Mountain Cuvée, a six-grape blend from vineyards in Napa and Sonoma, offers a taste of Chappellet style: a highly polished, well-structured, well-balanced wine.”

Price: $27


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