How to drink Tequila like a Mexican

No licking of the hand, thank you very much


While western palates might be accustomed to knocking back a shot of Tequila having licked a packet of salt off the back of your hand and then shoving a lime wedge in your mouth, this is no way to drink a fine Tequila. This method, known as “Tequila cruda” and sometimes referred to as “training wheels” or “lick-shoot-suck”, did originate in Mexico, but it is more commonly associated with a younger generation of Mexicans drinking very young, lesser quality Tequila.

To drink Tequila as the Mexicans do keep it simple, sipping it neat sipping from a caballito. If preferred, try dipping a wedge of lime in some salt and suck on it in between sips. In some areas, it is popular to drink Tequila with a side of sangrita – a sweet, sour, and spicy drink made from orange juice, grenadine, or tomato juice, and hot chillies.

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  1. As Tequila education grows in US, specially in California, tequila aficionados are well versed in how to drink each Tequila Category.
    Salt and lemon is ok for a Blanco Tequila but maybe not for a Blanco 100% agave Tequila, but still acceptable.
    Tequila Shots are now very popular, but they shall be of Blanco 100% if you do not want a very bad hangover.
    Tequila 100% agave reposado and Anejo are recommended as a sipping drink.

    Europe is still uneducated about Tequila. In Europe most persons still consider Tequila as an Espiri Gonzalez’s Spit fire drink, just as in US was considered 15 years ago. The opportunity for 100% Tequilas is huge.


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