How to drink Tequila like a Mexican

While a lick of salt, hurried shot and wedge of lime might be representative of many people’s experience of Tequila, its reputation as a slammer spirit is slowly disappearing.


The world is waking up to Tequila with the category quickly becoming the choice of drink for a new generation of consumers focused on seeking out super- and ultra-premium expressions. Tequila exports exceeded US$1 billion for the first time in history in 2014, according to the National Chamber of the Tequila industry (CNIT), growing by 10% from US$997 million in 2013 to US$1.1bn.

Dozens of ultra-premium brands are now enjoying marked success, while Diageo signalled its confidence in the category by acquiring the Don Julio Tequila brand from Casa Cuervo in exchange for its Irish whiskey Bushmills late last year. Meanwhile Hollywood actor George Clooney has launched his own premium Tequila, Casamigos, no doubt helping to further raise the reputation of the spirit.

Made from the blue agave plant, Tequila can only only be called such if it is produced in the state of Jalisco in Mexico, home to the city of Tequila. Mezcal is a style of Tequila produced outside of this region. While the slammer approach to Tequila is common, most Mexicans would recoil in horror to watch a fine extra Añejo necked down with a lick of salt, preferring instead to sip it neat.

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One Response to “How to drink Tequila like a Mexican”

  1. As Tequila education grows in US, specially in California, tequila aficionados are well versed in how to drink each Tequila Category.
    Salt and lemon is ok for a Blanco Tequila but maybe not for a Blanco 100% agave Tequila, but still acceptable.
    Tequila Shots are now very popular, but they shall be of Blanco 100% if you do not want a very bad hangover.
    Tequila 100% agave reposado and Anejo are recommended as a sipping drink.

    Europe is still uneducated about Tequila. In Europe most persons still consider Tequila as an Espiri Gonzalez’s Spit fire drink, just as in US was considered 15 years ago. The opportunity for 100% Tequilas is huge.


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