Top drinks for ‘Beer Bowl’ 2015

New England Patriots

tom bradyCoach: Bill Belichick
Quarterback: Tom Brady
Key Players: Rob Gronkowski, Julian Edelman, LeGarette Blount, Darrelle Revis

Compared to the Seahawks, the Patriots are football royalty, the house that Tom Brady and Bill Belichick built.

Since 2000 when Brady took over as quarterback they’ve been close to unstoppable. They’ve been to nine playoffs and won six AFC championships which also means they’ve been to six Super Bowls together, three of which they’ve won.

Brady is a tough, competitive player leading a dynamic offense such as the fearsome tight-end Rob Gronkowski (healthy for once) and wide receiver Julian Edelman all under the eye of the inscrutable and reticent Belichick.

Perennial favourites in their division, the Patriots stumbled early in the season, losing to rivals the Miami Dolphins and then slipping to a crushing defeat away to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Effectively written off the Patriots, not unlike the Seahawks, rounded into winning form and went on to defeat further opponents by scoring 40-points a game on average.

Clinching their division they, again like the Seahawks, gained the number one seed and home-field advantage in their conference.

They fought a tense game against their kryptonite team, the Baltimore Ravens, where they twice had to dig themselves out of a 14-point deficit before triumphing.

Their conference championship game against the Indianapolis Colts was somewhat smoother, a 45-7 masterclass in domination.

Was their pre-Super Bowl game too easy? Are they just too good? Will they try too hard to win their first big game in nearly a decade? Will they just do their jobs?


samuel-adams_400x400As mentioned before, Massachusetts is not a craft beer bastion of the US but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any good brews to choose from.

Boston was the home of the American Revolution, cradle of the constitution and literal cradle of such historical figures as John Hancock, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin and, of course, Samuel Adams.

By tradition a brewer himself, the name of the Revolutionary hero was picked by the Boston Brewing Company for its flagship beer when it launched in 1984 and the brand today is much better known than the brewery’s actual name.

Considered one of the pioneers of US craft brewing, Boston Brewing/Samuel Adams is now ranked as the biggest craft brewer in the country though with a production of around 2.5m barrels a year compared to Budweiser’s 16m, Sam Adams is hardly “big beer”.

An icon of American brewing and of great importance to the craft brewing movement, “Boston Lager” should be the beer of all true Patriots fans come Super Bowl Sunday.

There are other Massachusetts brews to consider of course and this wouldn’t be much of a guide if it didn’t address them.

Highly rated breweries include: Harpoon, Clown Shoes, Portico, Westfield, Tree House and Naukabout to name but a few.

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