Top 10 Napa Valley wine hotels

26th November, 2014 by Lauren Eads

Meritage Resort, Napa

Built in 2006, the Meritage Resort is perhaps one of Napa’s most luxurious hotels. Set beside the Valley’s rolling vineyards, the Meritage Resort and Spa covers 32 acres and recently underwent a $40 million makeover in the spring of 2012 with its 322 rooms said to be “Tuscan-inspired”. It features Napa’s only underground full-service spa, tasting room and banquet room which are built into a cave filled with steam grottos, soaking pools and waterfalls. Its on-site tasting cellar provides a number of wine experiences including by-the-glass tasting, chocolate pairing as well as vineyard tours.

875 Bordeaux Way, Napa, CA 94558


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One Response to “Top 10 Napa Valley wine hotels”

  1. KRL says:

    While the Bernardus is a lovely place to stay, it is not anywhere near Napa Valley. The heart of Napa is approximately 1.5 hours north of San Franciso. Carmel Valley, where the Bernardus is located, is approximately 2.5 hours south of San Francisco. How did the Bernardus end up in an article on the top places to stay in Napa!!!!

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