Top 10 Chilean winemakers to watch

6. David Marcel


Sometimes it takes a Frenchman to show a country what they’ve got. And when it comes to Chile’s pipeño, it is actually two French men that are leading the movement. One of them is David Marcel who, with his Chilean wife and fellow winemaker Loreto Garau, is bringing pipeño back into fashion. Traditionally a light red made cheaply from generic grapes, pipeño was typically drunk by the bucket-load at parties and shipped all over Chile as popular table wine. As corks and corporations took over, pipeño all but disappeared. When Marcel and his wife Loreto left France and moved back to Chile to broker wine, they decided to make their own again. And Marcel wanted to make a wine that, in his mind, was defined by being drinkable.

“We have something light and something very celebratory because it is very easy to drink, and this is something that Chile was lacking,” he says about his pipeño, Aupa. “When you drink Chilean wine it is often over 14%.” Aupa is less than 12%, comes in either a small beer bottle or a 1.5 litre bottle, is made of 125 year old País (or Criolla) vines, spends just four days in fermentation and is recommended to be drank chilled. “This red wine got lost, and we wanted to give it life again”, explains Marcel. ”To make wine on this property was not to be making wine for the industry but for people. Pipeño was something that really helped me connect with Chile.”

As pipeño helped Marcel connect, his pipeño has helped people reconnect with everyday table wine and remove a bit of wine snobbery. What is Marcel’s next plan? “I would like to open a bulk wine bar where people can come and get their bag-in-box wine.”

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