Winebird’s top 10 Vinalogies

5: Cabernet Sauvignon – The professional rugby player

You can generally presume that all professional rugby players have certain elements in common: they are full in body, fairly heavy and particularly well structured. There are forwards who pack a slightly bigger punch, and backs who are a tad more refined and lean, but you can always tell a rugby player a mile off, no matter where in the team they play.

It’s the obvious build and all those purpley-black bruises that do it! And with all their years of training and experience, you can take a bet that their playing quality is going to be pretty reliable, no matter which country it is that they play for. They also tend to need a few years to chill out and learn how to behave.

Yes, Cabernet Sauvignon is the professional rugby player of the wine world! This heavy-duty grape variety has the thickest skin of all the grapes, giving it lots of tannin* and plenty of brawn! ‘Cabernet’, as it’s often known, is a hardy, well-structured grape that makes pretty reliable wine just about anywhere.

When at its very best, it can take a few years to mature and mellow, so bear that in mind when you’re picking one out. Look for a concentrated, dark blue-black and purple colour with distinctive, spicy blackcurrant and cedar flavours. In some cases, you’ll also spot a telltale minty or eucalyptus note, which is often a hint that it’s from a warmer climate.

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