Top 10 most powerful whisky brands

5. Jim Beam


US based Jim Beam, part of drinks group Beam Inc which is now owned by Suntory, jumps one place to fifth this year enjoying an overall boost to its scores of 2 and 5%. Earlier this month the drinks brand pushed forward with the introduction of its new rye expression onto the UK on-trade in response to growing demand for different styles of American whiskey. 

Overall rank: 11

Owner: Beam Inc

Origin: US

Total score: 19%

Change: 2%

Brand score: 65.9%

Change: 5%

2 Responses to “Top 10 most powerful whisky brands”

  1. I like Jameson,, it’s a dam go whisky..

    • jeff dalrymple says:

      This is not a list of strong whiskeys, but the most popular.
      The “power” is the ability to make money..
      A bit misleading and not what I was looking for.
      A way to get more clicks?

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