Top 10 martini bars in Hong Kong


Blue-BarNestled in the exquisite Four Seasons Hotel with one of the city’s best views of the harbour is Blue Bar. Like the rest of the hotel, Blue Bar attracts a sophisticated and stylish clientele – and the drinks here are easily a perfect match. Despite access to the hotel’s superlative wine list, Blue Bar’s main strengths lie in their cocktails and the martinis here do not disappoint at all.

Gin, vodka, clean, dirty – whatever is your tipple (and moral purity) – the bar excels and uses some of the finest gins and vodkas available. But it’s not just the martinis you’ll be here for, the snack menu is easily one of the best in town for a bar and it is quite easy to find yourself eating a full dinner – all the better to soak up those ‘tinis.

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