Top 10 drinks-themed modes of transport

10. Drinks trains


Patron Tequila Express 2

The Patrón Tequila Express, owned by John Paul DeJoria, founder of the The Patrón Spirits Company, was manufactured in 1927 and weighs more than 250,000 pounds. Decked out in intricate wood carvings from Maharajah’s palace and original 14th-century Gothic art, it is used for Mr DeJoria’s private travel and cocktail parties for his spirits business. The 85-foot long car features a sitting area called the ‘Observation Room’ with upholstered chairs, marble bathrooms, a dining area for eight people, gourmet kitchen and sleeping quarters.

If you aren’t bestowed with Mr DeJoria’s riches, you may have to settle for the third class drinks train option. Still just as much fun.


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  1. Ross Kerslake says:

    Slightly disappointed not to see Alex Kammerling’s Bar-cycle! Brilliant concept!

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