Top 10 sommeliers in Hong Kong

2: Nicolas Deneux — Grand Hyatt

Nicolas Deneux_1Nicolas Deneux may be only 29 but he already has a fine dining resume that stretches back almost a decade and a half, and it was seeing Sommeliers working in the fine dining establishments of his youth that became his inspiration – the first time he actually tried wine was when he embarked upon his professional training as a sommelier.

Working at the Hyatt group’s flagship Asian property has reinvigourated his passion for the job. “The mix of people, culture and passion is just amazing and teaches me every day about wines obviously but also about myself as a person,” he says. “This is the best motivation.”

Deneux has ten restaurants under his watch, as well as a number of events, many that focus on wine, that take place at the hotel.

“With my wine ambassador/Sommelier team we always make sure to implement new wines depending on the restaurants needs or style. My job is to control and approve all changes [and meet all] challenges. I also help the team to prepare for winemaker dinners across all restaurants, along with dealing with the 94 wine and beverage suppliers that the hotel has.”

He says he is a Champagne lover, and as a result has introduced many boutique (grower) Champagnes to his lists.

“Five years ago the HK market about Champagne was completely closed. Being the first Sommelier implementing boutique Champagne was not an easy thing back then. It took a lot to convince our clientele but also the on-trade and hoteliers. Now Hong Kong has developed so much that we can find those products in many places.”

He insists that age has never been an issue for him. “I started very young and I never faced any big challenge because of my young age. The most important thing is to approach our clientele and wine in a humble way and know that there is always more to learn from everyone out there.”

6 Responses to “Top 10 sommeliers in Hong Kong”

  1. stefano says:

    The all management team of Domani Restaurant is proud of you John!
    Congratulation, VERY WELL DONE!

  2. Josh Rubenstein says:

    A great selection, all deserving of this recognition. Congratulations!

  3. Joey Yue says:

    One of my favorite wine sommelier and restaurant in town, congratulation John!

  4. Congratulation Dheeraj Bhatia! Hard work always pays off!

  5. David says:

    Don’t forget about Jason Patty and Paul- three Certified Sommeliers working under Nicolas Deneux at the Grand Hyatt Steakhouse! All three of them are years younger than Nicolas!

  6. Derek says:

    The perfect pair: Yvonne and Elliot!

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