Top 10 wines in the US press

Italian wines feature in the US press this week. Sandra Silfven picks a “power packed” red and Bill St John recommends a wine from the country’s “most exciting grape”.

US PressWriting in the Chicago Tribune, St John features the Aglianico grape, which was used by the Romans, was “first planted by the Greeks in the 8th century BC” and is “the basis of some of Italy’s greatest contemporary wine”.

St John adds that he spoke to Leonardo LoCascio, who has been importing Italian wines into the US for 40 years. LoCascio told St John that because all the vine’s energy is taken up in developing a root system, “Aglianico has one of the lowest juice-to-skin ratios of any red wine grape.”

He added: “In technical terms, Aglianico is the most exciting grape that we have in Italy.”

In the Detroit News Silfven also looks at Italian wine, picking out a red blend that she describes as “a brooding, power-packed, earthy blend woven with spicy oak.”

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