February’s top 10 new products

Chivas 18 by Pininfarina

chivas-regal-pininfarinaScotch whisky Chivas 18 has launched a limited-edition capsule in collaboration with Italian design company Pininfarina.

Claiming “a strong shared heritage in luxury and craftsmanship”, Chivas chose Pininfarina “for its ability to encapsulate the brand’s modern and luxurious character”.

Based on a drop of whisky, the capsule has a blue metallic finish emblazoned with the Pininfarina logo, along with a solid wood inlay echoing the oak casks used to age the Scotch. The bottle, meanwhile, features a metallic crest.

The individually numbered gift set includes two glasses that mirror the drop design.

Chivas is aiming the limited edition at “modern gentlemen who seek style and substance in the brands they buy”. RRP: £360

CONTACT: Pernod Ricard +44 (0) 141 531 1801

2 Responses to “February’s top 10 new products”

  1. Struan says:

    This is a mighty fine drop, but not a 750GBP mighty drop, perhaps amend the RRP with a well placed decimal.

  2. Tom says:

    hahahahaa this is funny.
    Malacca is the Greek slang word for wanker!

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