Bordeaux property sold to Chinese film star

Chinese actress Zhao Wei has acquired a property in Saint Emilion.

The seven hectare Château Monlot is apparently priced at €4 million to €5m but it was not revealed exactly how much the star paid for the property.

French newpaper Sud-Ouest now estimates that some 15 Bordeaux châteaux are owned by Chinese and the rate of purchasing has “accelerated” in recent years.

Among those now in Chinese hands are Latour Laguens, Richelieu (Fronsac), Viaud (Lalande-de-Pomerol), Laulan Ducos (Médoc) and Chenu Lafitte (Bourg).

The biggest Chinese owner according to the paper is billionaire Cheng Qu, who made his fortune through oil, property and tourism ventures.

It was he who bought Chenu Lafitte listed above and he subsequently bought four other châteaux bringing his total vineyard holdings to 150hectares.

Wei is one of the biggest names to buy a property so far. She is, apparently, a huge star in China with a string of hits to her name. Her investment in the wine industry follows soon after that of basketball star Yao Ming, who recently set up a Napa Valley operation.

The stated aim of the new owners is clear, according to the Bordeaux’s estate agents: buy property with the intention of selling the wine in China. A Bordeaux pied à terre is perhaps the next “must have” accessory for China’s wealthy.

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  1. Sandy says:

    exciting news, yes, Vicki Zhao Wei is top no. 1 greatest and most popular superstar in Asia.
    love her movies e.g. Mulan, Red Cliff, Shaolin Soccer, So Close, A time to love, 14 Blade, Painted Skin etc.. and her pop music.

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