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Half of hospitality staff consider quitting over a lack of mental health support

Managers in hospitality aren't doing enough to support staff with mental health issues, according to a new survey examining the impact of depression in the UK labour market.

The Benevolent: Mental health ‘need no longer be taboo’

The Benevolent continued in its mission to remove the stigma surrounding mental health in the drinks trade yesterday with a powerful seminar encouraging members to speak out about their experiences and be proactive in their support of colleagues.

Benevolent to hold London Wine Fair’s first debate on mental health

This year's London Wine Fair will open up the topic of mental health to members of the trade in a panel discussion for the first time in the show's history.

‘Some thrive under pressure, others crumble’

We look at why The Benevolent’s new CEO is on a drive to help members of the drinks industry talk more openly about mental health within the workplace.

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