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There is a bit of a running joke on the internet about meeting Ed Sheeran, which involves taking a selfie with someone who looks vaguely like Ed Sheeran and sharing it with the masses.

So imagine the delight on pub landlords Colin and Mel Roberon’s faces when they genuinely met Ed Sheeran after be completed the Brakspear Henley Ale Trail.

Mel Roberson, who co-runs the Saracen’s Head in Henley-on-Thames, said: “Collin came to me and said “I think Ed Sheeran’s in the bar”.

The couple Googled a picture to make sure it was him (sensible), and then approached him.

“He stayed for a game of pool and said what a great idea he thinks the Ale Trail is.”

He told the pub operators that he only has one local pub where he lives. You mean the one on his estate on Suffolk?

By getting their card stamped in each pub, Ale Trailers qualify for a number of rewards, including exclusive Ale Trail t-shirts.

Emma Sweet, Brakspear marketing manager, said she hopes he¬†will be wearing his on tour, and even extended an invitation to the pub group’s Ale Trail party in January.

“We always book a live music act for the party,” she added, “so if Ed would like the gig, we’d be very happy to consider him.” Dreams really do come true, Ed!

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