Catena explores beyond Mendoza

14th September, 2015 by Gabriel Stone

Catena Zapata is looking beyond its Mendoza roots with the launch of a new brand that celebrates other wine producing regions of Argentina.

Called Pasarisa, a word made up from the first two letters of Patagonia, Salta and La Rioja, then finishing with the initials of South America, the new range sees Catena work with growers in these far flung regions to highlight their varied history, culture and wine styles.

From the cool, windy, region of Patagonia comes a Merlot and Pinot Noir, the most widely planted grapes in this remote southerly area after Argentina’s signature Malbec.

In the iron-rich soils of La Rioja, a province famous for its early 19th century federalist warlord Facundo Quiroga and whose local cuisine features a lot of lamb, the producer….

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