Technical Specs

Full page
Bleed: 305mm x 238mm
Trim: 297mm x 230mm
Type Area: 262mm x 190mm


Double page spread
Bleed: 305mm x 468mm
Trim: 297mm x 230mm
Type Area: 262mm x 190mm


Half page vertical
Bleed: 305mm x 115mm
Trim: 297mm x 111mm
Type Area: 262mm x 91mm


Half page horizontal
Bleed: 148.5mm x 234mm
Trim: 144.5mm x 230mm
Type Area: 127mm x 190mm


Quarter Page
Type Area: 127mm x 91mm



We request that copy be supplied only in a digital format, as specified below.

Acceptable formats are:


  • Print Optimised, high resolution PDF (supporting the pass4press standard).


  • QuarkXpress files, with associated graphics (saved as TIFF’s, JPEG’s or EPS’s [in binary format]) and accompanied by a Font Folder.
  • Complete PostScript or EPS files, with fonts embedded or converted to paths.
  • Adobe Freehand or Illustrator files, supplied as CMYK eps files with fonts embedded or converted to paths (Please check on software version compatibility.)

Note: Graphics should be scanned at a minimum of 300 dpi and should be saved in same size as used in the advertisement copy.
In all instances, a good quality colour match or cromalin is desirable.

Please supply full copy on CD. Or send your PDF file/s by Email. Alternatively you can upload to our printer’s FTP site. Please ask for details.

Advertising copy should be supplied at least a week prior to ‘press day’, which is usually the middle of the month preceding publication date. Please ask for specific monthly deadline dates.

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