Sparflex launches augmented reality sparkling wine foil

Wine packaging specialist Sparflex has teamed up with the SnapPress app to develop a sparkling wine foil capable of being brought to life through augmented reality. 

Distillery launches recyclable, letterbox-friendly gin pouches

Scottish gin brand Rock Rose has launched a fully recyclable gin pouch, which can be used to refill its ceramic gin bottle and posted to a recycling facility for free.  

Portman Group upholds complaint against ‘irresponsible’ cider branding

Drinks regulating body the Portman Group has told retailers not to sell a cider from Newquay because its packaging seems to "irresponsibly" play on suicide.

Carlsberg’s paper beer bottle: Questions answered

Following the announcement by Carlsberg that it had designed the "world's first paper beer bottle", we asked the companies behind the project just how eco-friendly the product really is. 

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