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Concept designs by CANPACK offer inspiration to canned brands

The latest concept designs from the packaging manufacturer emphasise how special effects can add multi-sensory appeal to products.

CANPACK knows it better than most: the 360° printable surface of a can has great storytelling potential. With beers, RTD cocktails and wines all widely available in cans, shop shelves have become a gallery of small-scale artworks vying for consumer attention.

But does the battle for the consumer finish once they have selected a can from the shelf? This is the core question CANPACK asked when making its latest concept designs. The new case studies take advantage of an aluminium can’s suitability for detailed, engaging artwork, as well as its inherent durability and protection from exposure to light. However, each also demonstrates a special effect that goes beyond visual appeal.

By considering the experience at their fingertips, CANPACK has adopted a consumer-centric attitude in its designs. In taking a multi-sensory approach, a brand can build a following that goes beyond first sight.

The power of touch

Different finishes offer a distinctive experience that helps a packaging design stand out. By selecting an unusual lacquer finish, a can has a quantifiable point of difference compared to the average competitor. Moreover, by engaging a different sense, the packaging establishes a memorable connection through a separate, non-visual avenue.

The concept design for a red wine uses two special effects: MATT and TACTILE. While the MATT finish on the upper half creates a clean background for the illustration, the plainer bottom half uses a TACTILE effect. The gently textural finish is evocative of natural materials, connecting it to the vineyard while providing a premium finish.

When devising a concept for a sparkling rosé, the CANPACK team chose the PEARL special effect. The varnish has a dual purpose, providing both a glittery effect and subtly textured finish. The design aims to tie the feel of the can to a range of celebratory images: confetti, carnivals and the bubbles of sparkling wine.

Surprise features

As a growing sector, canned cocktails are increasingly important in a drinks portfolio. While cocktails have historically been consumed at dedicated on-trade premises, the wide availability of canned RTD cocktails means that they can be consumed anywhere. Whether at home, outside or at a party, cocktails can feature on the drinks list. These new scenarios open new opportunities to surprise consumers. Several special effects offer excitement well after the point of purchase, as demonstrated in these concept designs by CANPACK.

The design for a Margarita cocktail is aimed to show its best in a clubbing setting. Key elements of the design are outlined in NEON ink, which glows when exposed to UV light, creating a bold and unambiguous brand even in low light. The glowing special effect presents a playful brand identity, and provides a unique selling point when pitching the product to late-night venues.

In its design for a chillable wine-based drink, CANPACK applied THERMO MEMORY INK, where new design elements appear at different stages of the consumer’s experience. The innovative THERMO MEMORY INK activates when the can is chilled enough, indicating the right temperature for consumption. Once the wine has been drunk, the surprises continue, as the can returns to an ambient temperature and reveals new design elements. 

New possibilities for packaging

CANPACK’s concept designs highlight just a few of the special effects the company offers. Its graphic design team guides clients through the process of creating bold packaging. That progresses from early ideas to the kinds of comprehensive concepts illustrated above and in CANPACK’s festive designs. Brand storytelling is a vital consideration when looking to stand out among competitors; special effects applied by CANPACK push beyond first sight and can create new ways to build a brand following.

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